Best Forex Brokers for Trading Today

Based on industry estimates, today exists more than 2,000 Forex brokers worldwide.

When you visit the Forex brokers website, they will always proclaim to be the best broker, who offers a secure trading environment. However, the sad reality is that most people are investing with an offshore company, which is not licensed or protected by any government agency.

Best Forex Brokers Australia

The true best Forex brokers are licensed and regulated, and your money in insured in the likely event that the broker goes out of business.

In Australia, Forex brokers must be licensed by ASIC. This has not stopped many scams from operating there, and advertising their outrageous profit offers on Facebook and Google.

The Best Forex Broker in Australia today is PepperStone. They are a licensed company, operating in Australia and the United Kingdom. As one of the first licensed brokers to introduce Crypto Currency trading, Pepperstone has become one of the most popular brokers today.

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Pepperstone Best Forex Brokers

Best Forex Broker South Africa

Trading Forex and Crypto Currency is more popular among South Africans, than probably any other first world country. Investors there are very in tune with the constant fluctuations in the Rand ($ZARUSD).

The best forex brokers in South Africa are licensed and regulated by the FSCA. One of the largest FSCA licensed Forex brokers is a company called CMTrading. CMTrading has built up a strong reputation, and their trading platform offerings are absolutely superb, see here. They offer the Sirix trading platform, along with Copy trading abilities. Try out their Free Demo Account at:

CMTrading Best Forex Broker South Africa

Best CFD Brokers in Europe

In Europe, Forex brokers must have a license, and each European Union country has their own financial regulator that issues broker licenses. A broker that received a license in one E.U. member state, can accept investors from any other country in the European Union.

Many brokers in Europe have received their license from CySEC, which is the Cyprus governments financial regulatory agency. The most popular broker that is licensed by CySEC has been ForTrade for a few months now.