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Bitcoin Code is the latest viral Crypto Currency trading software that we have seen numerous times under various aliases. It has only one purpose, and that is to connect you with an unlicensed, offshore, scam CFD broker. The software was originally released to the public on August 1st 2017.

Reality Check! The real money odds are saying that you will probably not profit real cash with the Bitcoin Code software.

The Bitcoin Code Software Scam Exposed
The Bitcoin Code Software Scam Exposed

The Bitcoin Code Software

Similar to the old Binary Options “Get Rich Quick” scams, this crypto funnel works like many others. Bitcoin Code starts by showing you a rags to riches story about a truck driver that starts using this trading app, and becomes an overnight millionaire.

When we started trading, we managed to make $100 profit on a $500 deposit, and it took many hours of work. We didn’t try using a trading robot, instead we used a real licensed broker, like the popular European broker , and the South African licensed broker CM Trading.

Bitcoin Code chose to work with these offshore, unlicensed, scam brokers who rip you off by banning auto trading robots in their terms and conditions pages. Which means; even if the software gets lucky, and you make money, you can’t withdraw the money!

Bitcoin Code Scam Trading
Bitcoin Code Scam Trading

Bitcoin Code Scam

Have you check with your friends on social media to see if they are using the Bitcoin Code software. Go try and share this article on Facebook and see what your friends have to say. (Their responses will shock you!)

Do You Believe What Steve McKay Wrote?

“I created a Bitcoin Trading Software that has earned over $18,484,931.77 in profits within the past 6 months alone.”

Real results are actually nothing like what he is promising.

Laura Abenstein probably lost 90% of the trades that the system placed for her. The testimonials are all fake, and they are using stock images from websites like Pixabay. So before you decide to donate your money to an online fraud, do your research and compare the various legitimate auto trading systems.

Licensed Bitcoin Brokers

There are many Forex brokers now that offer Bitcoin trading, and these brokers are licensed in Australia, United Kingdom, Cyprus and South Africa.

For instance:

  • The most popular Australian licensed broker is Pepperstone.
  • European’s tend to use the broker ForTrade.
  • South Africans mostly choose the broker CM Trading.

The majority of brokers that you find online for trading crypto currencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum, do not have a license, and are simply fake brokers. You should look here to see the new list of the most popular licensed and regulated brokers.

Sadly, Bitcoin Code Software only works with unlicensed brokers, that are not regulated!

Bitcoin Automated Trading

The real high speed algorithm trading systems for bitcoin trading will have many customization features. They will allow you to do things like; choose your own broker, manage risk, select the trader to copy, utilize multiple trading strategies and more.

Read more about robots…

Remember, there is no way to make money while you sleep. There is no holy grail, and a software that sends spam emails in definitely not the solution.

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