Quantum Code Trading Robot Review

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Every couple of months we start seeing a surge of people interested in a new trading app for binary options. This month the excitement is surrounding a product call the Quantum Code, and they have already created a new software called Zero Loss Formula!

It can be found in spam emails, and in advertisements popup video ads on porn websites, along with viral picture sites. They convince people that by doing nothing, they can deposit $300 into a fake binary options broker, and start making $1,000 a day.

Quantum Code Results

Do you want to know how much money you will actually make using the Quantum Code software?

The true answer is probably ZERO.

We were shocked and appalled when we saw that they are writing this on their website.

To put it in short, there’s no limit. To put it more technically, it really depends on how much money you fund your account with. Most of our members fund their account with $300, and make about $800-1000 daily. Those who fund their account with $1,000 or over make over $2,500 per day!

Real Forex Robots

Over 100 trading systems or Forex robots are available for you, but only a few robots are actually used by real traders.

These high speed trading robots have many customization features. You can select a licensed broker, choose which assets the software trades, risk management, and other controls.

Quantum Code Broker Scam

The scam part is when you are using a bad broker, instead of a licensed and regulated broker. Quantum Code software is integrated with many brokers around the world, both fake and real brokers.

There are only 20 binary options brokers that are licensed to offer binary options trading, but the majority of brokers do not have a license. Depending on your country of residence, will determine where you should trade binary options.

You can look at the list of best brokers here, and see what is available in your locale. Most complaints about binary options trading stems from people who have used a scam broker.

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