Tesler Trading App – Good or Bad?

We received an email back in 2016 in our spam mailbox, which told us to sign up for the new software called Tesler App. We did a search for it on Google, and ended up at the Tesla Motors App. So we started doing more research and here is what we discovered.

The Tesler App is actually a very poor attempt at creating an algorithm trading software for Forex trading, and it is missing all the features and functionality of a real trading robot.

Tesler App Fake Binary Options

Tesler App Fake Forex Software

Detecting fraud binary option brokers is actually getting easier and easier. All an investor needs to do is look for a legal license on the brokers website. During our test of the Tesler App, we were assigned to a broker called CFDStocks. The website looked real, and the trading software also did, but they didn’t have a license mentioned anywhere on their site. That is a sure sign of an unlicensed broker that we want nothing to do with.

So there you have it, rule #1 which is to only use a licensed Forex broker, they failed on that one.

Where you live decides where you trading Forex CFD’s. You can see the list of best brokers here, and then ascertain who is the best broker for investors from your country.

Tesler App Results Reviewed

Testimonials, Big Bold Letters, Take Action Today, are all signs of a Forex app scam.

“Earn Up to $237 per hour Starting Today Monday 19th December”

You will see on TeslerSoftwareApp3.com, that everyday the date changes, and if you are in multiple countries that will change as well. This is the way internet marketing works, to create a sense of urgency that you if don’t ask now, then the opportunity will go away.

And the interesting truth is that most of these products and trading apps do disappear. You can look at the review we wrote of Gemini2 a few months ago, that website is now closed and gone. Trading software like these do not work, and the real purpose it to get you to invest your money at offshore scoundrel brokers.

Tesler App Binary Options Fraud
Tesler App Forex Fraud

Tesler App is Not in the App Store

We got excited when we saw that they are offering a trading app for Android & iOS. We searched on Google Play and no such app exists.

Tesler App worked really hard to give you the false impression that they are a big company, and offering a real product. They made a video with professional actors, and even wrote testimonials on their website. But at the end, it is all just a facade, and not real.

Popular Auto Trading Software

Now that you understand that 99% of trading robots are actually fake, you are probably wondering so which ones are the real deal.

Real automated trading robots, see here, have proper customization features that allow you to choose a licensed and regulated broker, you can select the trading strategy and the underlying assets to trade.